​What a Birthday!!!!!

​A daily site in the Gulf

On Another Plane Charter Fishing 

In Hernando Beach Fl 

​The end of Gag season

March 9th 2016

​Nice Limit today

Surprised with these today (so many)

And Another Beauty

Reds Gags and Grunt

Capt Michael J Senker

King Mack  January? wow

Now that's a Hefty 35"

March 17th 2016 1/2 Day

​Nice Mango

Mothers Day Weekend 2018

They are there but deep right now

A little more south of here

​All by himself  Good Job Jonah

​March 23rd 2016

Ahhh!!    SCALLOPS

March 5th 2016

​The End of that Beautiful Day

​April 5th 2016

​Another Hefty 36"  Beautiful fish back to spawn

​Grouper for Dinner